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Complete Home Inspection

A complete home inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection of readily accessible areas of the home.  It consists of an inspection of the general exterior and interior of the home, heating/cooling, electrical, plumbing, attic, and foundation.  The inspection also describes the condition and operability of kitchen appliances, doors and windows,  GFCI's, and other items.  A formal report of our own design, usually 30-33 pages in length, is issued describing the inspection in detail.  Also included is a summary of defects and maintenance issues found. Recommendations for correcting the defects and a statement describing the severity of the problem is included where appropriate.

Star Home Inspections has personally written/designed an easy-to read format for the buyer.  The report serves as a reference guide of the home’s exterior and interior components.  Reports are emailed to insure promptness; other means of report submission are available per request. We provide digital photos in a separate “photo album,” attached to the emailed report.  Photos are included at no additional cost.

The home inspection is performed according to the Standards of Practice established by the Indiana State Licensing Agency’s Home Inspector’s Licensing Board, and the Standards of Practice established by INTERNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  In many cases, our own “standard of practice” exceeds these standards.  We are Certified Infrared through INTERNACHI; we include a thermal (infrared) scan of the interior of the home as part of our home inspection.  This is a great service and is of great value, since a thermal scan is $150.00 -- $250.00 if performed separately as an Infrared Inspection.

Links to these standards of practice:

Indiana Home Inspector’s Licensing Board Laws and Regulations – Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics can be found on pages 28-32:

INTERNACHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics can be found here: