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Serving Northeast Indiana Home

Infrared/Thermal Inspection:

We provide Infrared/Thermal Inspections, using a Fluke TiR-1 thermal imager.  The inspection includes a thermal scan of the interior of the home, and in some cases, areas of the exterior.  With the right conditions, a thermal scan can show a multitude of deficiencies not visible in the visible light spectrum.  The scan can detect insulation deficiencies, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, ductwork leakage, electrical defects, and high moisture levels inside basement walls and floors.  Due to the differences in thermal transfer rates in building materials, it can indicate structural and framing deficiencies concealed inside exterior walls.

Star Home Inspections has been Certified Infrared since 2009.  It has proven to be such a valuable tool, that we feel it would be a great disservice not to include a thermal scan with a home inspection; that is why we provide a thermal scan with the home inspection.  Thermal imaging inspections are provide separately for a fee, for those who desire this service.

Check out our photo gallery to see the power of infrared!