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Water Quality Testing:

Star Home Inspections can provide a number of common tests for determining the quality and safety of your well water.  We are not a “State Certified Lab.”  We simply do not process the quantity water samples to justify the expense of maintaining certification through the Indiana State Health Department.

However, we do follow methods that are accepted by the EPA.  Star Home Inspections is more than qualified to test your water.  Water quality was an important area of study for me, during my undergraduate and graduate studies in Natural Resources and Environmental Management; during my teaching tenure, I taught hundreds of students how to properly collect, test, and evaluate well water.

We test for total and fecal coliform bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, sulfates, total hardness, and iron.  Testing for lead is something that requires more specialized equipment, and must be taken to a lab.

There was a time when a few smaller privately owned labs existed; however, most of these smaller labs have been bought out by larger companies due to cost restraints.

It is a considerable time and travel expense to sample water and deliver it to a lab, due to the location of the few labs that we have at our disposal.  Therefore, we feel that we can save the client a considerable expense in testing water in our own small “lab” in our office.  

If your lender is requiring that water testing be performed by a State Certified Facility, we can provide this as well for additional collection, transport, and lab fees.